Each of our attorneys is specialized in at least one of the areas of practice presented in the following, depending on their competencies and natural inclinations. Whenever projects and transactions require knowledge of multiple areas of law, the experience of our specialized attorneys is easily assembled in project teams, capable of providing multilateral, comprehensive and effective legal support.


Commercial & Corporate Law

Our attorneys hold extensive experience in commercial and corporate area, their main goal being to offer legal advice to our clients, both for their day-to-day activity and for the transactions in which they engage, in a constructive, pragmatic and profitable manner.

The legal services may concern objectives both simple (registrations and current corporate changes) and complex (purchases of shares/social parts and restructuring of companies).

We also provide legal assistance on the conclusion of commercial agreements, corporate transactions and compliance, mergers and acquisitions etc.

At the same time, we offer our clients top quality legal services concerning labor law, competition law, insolvency legislation and intellectual property law.

Finance & Banking

Our attorneys are familiar with a broad range of transaction types, including acquisitions financing, real estate financing and project financing. Whether they act as lenders or borrowers, our clients benefit from our know-how and always results-oriented approach.

Throughout our careers, we have handled transactions with a high ranking of complexity, by representing the interests of commercial and/or investment banks and of leasing and/or mortgage/consumer loans companies. Such experience enables us to advise the clients, effectively and advantageously, about any type of financial transaction.

Real estate financing is a primary area of practice for our team, considering our attorneys particular expertise in such field, by being directly involved in a significant number of substantial real estate transactions in Romania.

Immigration Law

In respect to immigration, visas and regime of foreigners in Romania, we provide complete legal assistance for obtaining all types of visas, either short-stay or long-stay.

We also provide initial analysis and documents appraisal, as well as potential immigrants training, analyzing the immigration needs for family members of foreigners which are employed in Romania, drafting the necessary legal documents, preparing and submitting the files, timely submitting the applications for residence extension, obtaining permanent residence and/or citizenship, business visas, employment visas, studies visas, political asylum, extraditions etc.

We have also concluded strategic partnerships with specialized law firms in UAE, Australia, UK and Canada, so that we are able to assist our clients in obtaining visas for such countries, too.

Debt Recoveries

We offer to our clients effective and optimized solutions to recover the amounts owed ​​by their debtors, both extra-judicially (through conciliation, mediation, compensation etc.) and through the courts of law (payment ordinance procedure, insolvency etc.).

​With many years of solid practice in the field of debt recovery, our specialized attorneys can provide our clients with full legal services, regardless of the stage of collection procedures, starting with amicable collection phase and ending with the closing of bankruptcy proceedings.

​Our team members have achieved outstanding results in respect to debt recoveries, by providing related legal services to a considerable number of clients in the finance & banking sector (credit and/or non-banking financial institutions), all having a significant section of non-performing loans in their portfolios.


Over time, we have provided legal representation to our clients at all levels of the Romanian judicial system, from the lower courts to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

We provide our clients with legal assistance and successful representation in litigation concerning corporate and commercial law, debt recovery, breach and termination of agreements, requests for damages, insolvency procedure, criminal and administrative complaints etc.

Given their experience, our attorneys determine the action plan for each case, seek to develop original solutions and advise on the best strategy to follow, so that the client achieves its business goals.

We offer our clients comprehensive advice for any stage of a dispute – whether it refers to avoiding litigation, through negotiation and amicable settlement, or supporting the clients interests before the courts of law.

Real Estate Transactions

Our experience has been gained while being involved in major real estate transactions (having an aggregate value exceeding EUR 360 million), covering a broad range of complex deals with shares/social parts and assets, by offering to each client the best structure for the transaction in which it intended to enter.

​We provide legal assistance to our clients from the beginning to the end of each real estate transaction, by analyzing the validity of ownership right over such property, drafting of transaction documents (including joint ventures, management agreements, lease and services agreements, financial documentation), assistance during the negotiations and advice on any legal issues which may arise.

​Basically, we are qualified to assist our clients in any matter pertaining to real estate legislation and transactions, including the support that we can assure, if necessary, through other specialists (public notaries, cadastral engineers etc.) we are currently working with.